Damaged Skin Is A Significant Cause Of Concern

You should not ignore the red and irritated skin around the stoma. Your ostomy appliance fits around the stoma only if the peristomal skin is healthy. It allows the skin barrier of the ostomy appliance to form a tighter and more secure seal with it. In case the peristomal skin is damaged, you need to contact an ostomy care specialist as soon as possible. Ostomy care specialists are well aware of individual needs, and they know how to tailor a treatment that is perfect for a specific individual. It is crucial for you to not settle with the pain and irritation in the skin around your stoma.

There can be several factors that can result in skin problems around your stoma. The most common ones of those culprits include leakage of waste, wearing a wrong skin barrier, sensitivity to a skincare product you have been using, and frequent ostomy pouch changes.

Generally, a cut-to-fit ostomy pouch has been the most preferred option considered by a majority of people with ostomies. There are several reasons this ostomy pouch is a great fit for most types of stomas. The fact that it allows you to cut the skin barrier to fit the shape and size of your stoma is the good enough reason you should prefer choosing a cut-to-fit skin barrier to manage your ostomy. It’s a perfect solution for the stomas that change their shape and size frequently.

Remember, if your peristomal skin feels tingling, burning, itching, or any other kind of discomfort, don’t ignore it. It’s not normal. Look under the flange to check the skin underneath it. The earlier you catch the problem, the sooner you will be able to get rid of it.

It would be worth describing a few tips for treating skin irritation with stoma powder.

  • Apply stoma powder over the dry and clean skin. Avoid using soaps and other products that contain chemicals and perfumes.
  • Apply a dusting of the stoma powder on the area of peristomal skin that is red or itchy. Brush of the excess powder using a soft cloth.
  • Dap the skin prep over the powdered area. It will seal the stoma powder in place to promote the healing of the skin.
  • Many people think that baby powder works the same way as the stoma powder. Both are different products. Baby powder can’t absorb water like the stoma powder.

The steps mentioned above should help you get rid of the skin problem in its early phase. If there is no improvement, you must contact the ostomy care nurse for immediate troubleshooting.

Author: Douglass Clawson

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